Sunday, January 16, 2011

BC-1691 Manual

If you have a Betty Crocker Bake-It-Easy Breadmaker (BC-1691), here's the manual. I found my breadmaker at Goodwill for $6.00.

BC-1691 Manual in PDF

Here's the basic bread recipe (updated a bit) --

1 teaspoon salt
4 teaspoons sugar
2 cups unbleached regular flour
1 teaspoon Kroger Fast-Rise yeast

3/4 cup water (at roughly ~105 degrees)
8 teaspoons (1/6 cup) milk
(The two liquid parts above should come to about 9/10 cup once combined)
1 tablespoon softened butter (45 seconds in the microwave) - add to liquids

Combine and bake!

I hope this is useful. Some jerk online is trying to sell PDFs of the manual for $6.00 - a manual he has no right to sell anyway.

Happy baking!


  1. your link doesn't work, but if you are looking for a Betty Crocker Bread Maker model bc-1691 Recipes & Manual you can call 1-800-446-1898 and General Mills, owner of Betty Crocker, will send you a manual free if you give them a call.

    This Betty Crocker bread maker was made by ACA and is no longer in production but they have a few maunals left they will mail out.

  2. Muchas gracias!!!!....thank you very much, i´ve been looking for this manual for long time!!!! thanks again!


    Gerardo Carbajal

  3. Great basic recipe. I tried adding dried cranberries and walnuts, and they got all ground up. Can you/anyone share the timing for the different cycles so I can add the fruit at the end of the second kneading cycle? thanks.